Sites censored by EE mobile in the UK

To browse these sites:
If on GNU/Linux, Mac, or Windows, you can use the Tor Browser from the Tor Project
If on Android, you can use the combination of Orbot and Orfox from the Guardian Project
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UK Energy Prepayment Safeguard Tariff Checker Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet in OpenDocument Format ( attached.

It is also available at

Use one of the following applications to interact with the spreadsheet.

How to use SSE PAYG Electricity Meter

Insert the key into the meter.

Press the blue button on the front of the meter to cycle through the screens.

A - normal credit screen - When this screen gets to zero, the electricity supply cuts off

Test screen - tests the display components

E - total amount topped up

F - Standing charge + debt recovery per week

G - total kWh of electricity since meter was built

H - total kWh of electricity since meter was last installed

I - unit rate (price per kWh)

Response to Transport for London penalty fare for incomplete journeys using contactless payment card

Transport for London is willing to complete and refund penalty fares on journeys paid by contactless payment card incorrectly recorded up to a week before the passenger calls them.

For incomplete journeys for which penalty fares have been charged on contactless payment cards over a week before the call, Transport for London insists that the passenger create an account thereby linking their name, address, and date of birth with the contactless payment card used.

LMMS with Novation Launchpad

const int MidiMaxVelocity = 127;

const volume_t DefaultVolume = 100;

volume_t m_volume;

inline volume_t getVolume() const
return m_volume;

int midiVelocity( int midiBaseVelocity ) const
return qMin( MidiMaxVelocity, getVolume() * midiBaseVelocity / DefaultVolume );


Novation Launchpad

Based on experience with Launchpad Mini (with only red and green LEDs).

USB ID 1235:0036 Focusrite-Novation
Firstly it works fine with Linux.
It shows up as a ALSA midi input and output.

However, I was unable to find any free software ( which allows one to assign audio fragments to midi events and easily create light shows.

Water across the road corner Arncliffe St and Guess Ave, Wolli Creek

2017-11-03 - Telephoned Bayside Council on 1300 581 299 and reported water across the road at the corner of Arncliffe Street and Guess Avenue, Wolli Creek.

It appears to be still water. It does not appear to be running water.

They created ticket 191062 assigned to the Stormwater team.

Communication with Government by Telephone should be free.

Communication with Government by Telephone (Landline or Mobile) should be free.

This includes Government Departments, agents, and contractors acting on behalf of Government.

Any charge, however small, amounts to illegitimate oppression of poor people.

MyGov terms of use

5. Your responsibilities


Do not monitor or copy myGov

You are not allowed to use any software (like bots, scraper tools etc.) to access, monitor or copy myGov or its contents unless we have given you written permission.

"You are not allowed to use any software ... to access ... myGov or its contents unless we have given you written permission."

Really? I wonder how many people have written permission.


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